Jenny Herrick: Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Author

aka - All Kidding Aside
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Who is Jenny Herrick?
  • A popular presenter who enthusiastically shares life-changing reasons why laughter is key to a healthier, happier life.
  • A dynamic woman who can laugh at her own imperfections (and knows very well that if SHE doesn't, someone else will)!
  • An accomplished keynote speaker primed to kick off or close your special event with a rock-solid message that will literally change your life and that of your audience

Jenny's expertise, comfortable presentation style and life-changing message will provide you and your audience with an uplifting, memorable experience. As a nationally recognized motivational speaker, Jenny offers fast-paced humorous presentations peppered with personal anecdotes and real-life experiences.

Three life-changing experiences key to Jenny's outlook, which she shares freely with her audiences, are:
1. Losing her first husband at age 27 and having to raise two young, rambunctious sons on her own;
2. Traveling to China in 2000 as a member of a Fun Medicine Delegation of clowns led by Dr. Patch Adams, spreading smiles and joy to hospices, orphanages and healthcare facilities;
3. In 2001, only nine weeks after 9/11, joining fellow clowns at Ground Zero in New York City to provide "mirth aid" to rescue teams and recovery workers.

Currently, you will find Jenny passionately sharing her deep-felt message around the globe with her unprecedented level of energy, passion, insight and fun.

Jenny will show you that humor gives us a different perspective on our problems and, as comedian Bill Cosby is fond of saying, "If you can laugh at it, you can survive it."


  • A registered nurse who graduated from the Lutheran School of Nursing in Sioux City, Iowa, a looooooooooong time ago and 25 years later earned her Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Westmar University in LeMars, Iowa.
  • A former psychiatric nurse ("I felt right at home!"), obstetrical nurse, educator in a community college and traveling nurse consultant who has studied the topic of health and humor extensively.
  • A member of the National Speakers Association, recognized as Distinguished Toastmaster in 1995.
  • Graduate of the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse Clown College and manager of the Caring Clown Troupe at a local hospital.
  • Charter member of the Womens Ecommerce Association, International.
  • Nominee for the Women of Excellence award in the "Women Striving to Make a Difference" category.
  • Founder and president of All Kidding Aside, an organization designed to inspire and motivate others to realize the value of humor.
  • A self-published author of her autobiography "You Laugh, I'll Drive," which takes readers on a wild, uplifting ride into how she learned to laugh, in spite of life's speed bumps, detours and head-on collisions; and "Laugh Your Lips Off!", a side-splitting collection of some of Jenny's favorite jokes, stories and anecdotes.
  • Contributing author in the book, "Conversations on Health & Wellness" with Dr. John Gray, best-selling author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."
  • The perfect speaker for your next special event!


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International Speakers Network
Applied Association for Therapeutic Humor
National Association for Self-Esteem
International Clowns of America
Certified Laughter Leaders - World Laughter Tour
God's Giggle Gang
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Jenny Herrick

Jenny Herrick


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