All Kidding Aside

Jenny Herrick

Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Author

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Warm, wise & witty

Your audience will never forget motivational speaker Jenny Herrick or her important life lessons. With effervescent, tongue-in-cheek, warm and welcoming style, Jenny will infuse your audience with tools to better cope with everyday stresses and major life changes by learning to see the humor in any and all situations.

More reasons why Jenny is the perfect choice for your special event:

  • Jenny's speech will make you laugh, cry, and realize that life is too short to be taken so seriously!
  • She is one of the most affordable humorous motivational speakers of her caliber in the nation.
  • She has given more than 1500 professional keynote speeches since 1995.
  • Her inspirational message has taught hundreds of thousands of people worldwide how laughter can help them lead happier and healthier lives.
  • Jenny's clients include Fortune 500 companies, National and State Associations, Health Care Organizations, Nonprofits, Conferences, and Professional Societies.

I was one of the 500+ people in the audience at the National Guard Bureau Family Workshop. It had been a long time since I laughed that much! Thanks for all you do with laughter and especially thank you for motivating me to get involved.

Colonel James Scott, Director

Individual and Family Support Policy Office
Washington, D.C

National Speakers Association
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