Jenny Herrick: Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Author

aka - All Kidding Aside
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You Laugh, I'll Ride!You Laugh,
I'll Drive

Jenny's autobiography You Laugh, I'll Drive! takes you on one wild, uplifting ride!

From humble beginnings in South Dakota to her umpteenth career as a motivational humorist, Jenny's story will make you smile, giggle and laugh out loud!

You'll be inspired, motivated and even brought to tears as Jenny shares lessons learned as a widow at age 27, single parent to two rambunctious boys, nursing student, RN, dog exhibitor, new mom at age 39, clown missionary to China, grandma and more.

Laugh Your Lips Off!

Laugh Your Lips Off!

Ever laughed so hard that your face hurt? Your knees ached from being squeezed together to keep from "leaking" with laughter? That's the goal of Jenny's new book, Laugh Your Lips Off!

Designed to accompany Jenny's autobiography, You Laugh, I'll Drive, or as a stand-alone, pocket-sized smile maker, this little book is packed with the stuff to get you giggling 'til your lips fall off!

Order your personally autographed copy today!

And while you're at it, be sure to order one (or more) for a friend too, and enjoy a special discount as you share Jenny's infectiously humorous attitude and positive outlook!

You Laugh, I'll Drive
Book: $12
Both books for $20
Laugh Your Lips Off
Book: $12

Smile on a StickSmile on a Stick!

For the sourpuss in your life!

Clown Nose Red Clown Nose $2.00

Never leave home without it!


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