Jenny Herrick: Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Author

aka - All Kidding Aside
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  • Joy on the Job (or It's Business as Unusual)

    You're wasting your life if you're not enjoying your job! This fun-filled workshop is packed with numerous tips and techniques on how to "lighten up" your workplace. Jenny will show you how to change the chemistry of your workplace to create a more positive atmosphere - the key to productivity and excellence. Get your pencil and paper ready while you sit in on this fun, hilarious and dynamic presentation.

  • Everyone Winds Up a Winner!

  • Ever noticed how little children hate to go to bed and can't wait to get up in the morning? They don't want to miss anything! When is the last time you felt like that? It's possible to experience that feeling again... as long as we make a choice! This presentation is for everyone who needs to recognize that a positive attitude is our most VALUABLE possession! (A negative attitude is like a flat tire - you aren't going to get far until it's changed.)

  • It's Laughter We're After

  • Laughter does NOT come easily for everyone! Humor is OUT there... we just need to put on our 'comic glasses' and look for it! This topic is for audiences who want to be entertained and enlightened by Jenny's enthusiasm and genuine belief that "laughter is the best medicine." The next time you see people laughing... you can almost believe that they are having fun! (Or listening to Jenny speak!) You can't go wrong with this presentation for any group or function!

  • You've Got to be Kidding!

  • Give yourself permission to laugh! So when did this come about? Needing permission to laugh? Come on, you've got to be kidding! Your health may depend on it. This presentation explores humor's psychological and physiological benefits and provides lots of fun doing it! If medical studies have proven that humor is healing... why aren't more doctors laughing?

  • The Green Light to Ground Zero

  • To bring a smile through adversity is a gift to be treasured and many gifts were delivered at Ground Zero when "Lottie-da" (otherwise known as Jenny) delivered some "mirth-aid" (red noses, hugs, stickers and smiles) just nine weeks after 9/11! She enjoys telling about this emotional episode in her life in which an abundant amount of smileage took place.

  • Two Weeks, a Red Nose
    and the Real Patch Adams

  • Hear how Jenny traveled half way across the world in this life-altering experience. Can you even fathom the idea of 45 "odd" clowns from different parts of the world going off to a country where English is not their native language? The fact that Dr. Patch Adams was their leader is a whole story in itself! This was, without a doubt, a trip of a laughtime! Jenny's presentation, complete with slides, gives an account of what it was like to travel with the famous doctor whose life was made into a movie and was portrayed by Robin Williams. That should tell you that Patch doesn't look, act, or think like any doctor any of us has ever met before!

"All people need to join hands in a common humanity
and feel a brotherhood and sisterhood.
From this context can grow peace and justice.
Few things foster this precious dream
like the direct application of sweet humor and love,
both embodied in the clown."
-Patch Adams

This effervescent speaker can also cater her topic to your event's unique needs for a powerfully positive presentation sure to leave your attendees smiling, slapping one another on the back and buzzing for days to come! If you're looking to impact your audience with the value and power of humor, Jenny is the speaker for you. Call her today - she'll have you smiling in no time!
























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